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I am often heterodox. I have specific (often highly-technical) beliefs that are backed by the most compelling evidence that I can find. This page documents heterodoxies of mine, but I consider them orthodoxies. I list them as heterodoxies because speaking in a utilitarian context, my beliefs place me in a minority. This article is written to be improved and serves as a top-level hierarchy to organize research for advocacy. It is hopelessly incomplete, but has merit as is.

In the contemporary cultural context and the atheist scientific, I am heterodox in the most significant way: I believe that around 2000 years ago, God sent his son to earth to teach us. The crowd of Jews in Jerusalem ordered his death. The Roman authority washed his hands of the matter. Jesus came back from the dead as he prophesied. He preached God's love of humanity, his Father's promise: salvation to those who believe, a new life, one more abundant. Scientifically, that means that I object to the universalist scientific principle that all men die, and that all men do not return to life after death. This is highly heterodox.

Another favourite heterodoxy is that Pi is wrong. I say this as a man who has 60 digits of pi memorized. I support Michael Hartl's proposition of "tau" for a very straightforward reason: it creates more parsimonious math.

The heterodoxy that I have proven most intimately to myself is Dr. Carl Hewitt's various developments of post-Goedelian logic. I have him listed prominently in my "Great Teachers" page.

Within my tradition of Christianity, I am heterodox in many ways, most of which I consider to be more orthodox internally, but this is a semantic tension. I am leery of men's extra-Scriptural pronouncements on specific relationships between the members of the Godhead. I am keenly aware of Jesus' strict teachings on blasphemy against the Spirit, and I aggressively enforce them internally. This means that I am not a "traditional Trinitarian" in the strictest sense. I accept the Godhood of the Father who is the most high, Jesus who is the only begotten son, and the Holy Spirit who is known as the comforter. (Acts 9:31, etc.) As a consequence of this, I believe that the Arians are not damned as the Nicaean tradition suggests. I generally consider the whole topic to be a confused miasma. I long for the day in the Kingdom where God himself resolves the uncertainty. I consider Constantine's order against the Arians to be egregious. Constantine's pronouncement, that "...if someone should be discovered to have hidden a writing composed by Arius... his penalty shall be death", is unconscionable, and far removed from the spirit of Paul's anathema in 1 Corinthians 16:22, "If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha." The history is mostly written by the victors. I am not certain that I am correct on this point. I'm skeptical that any person can be. The best commentary on the Council of Nicaea that I've read is Paul Pavao's.

I accept the Bible as the ultimate authority of Christian doctrine. This is contrary to the Catholic and Orthodox position that their organizations are the ultimate authorities on Christian doctrine. I believe that one of the central themes of Jesus' teaching is the susceptibility of human organizations to corruption. The "true church" places itself in relation to Jesus.

I reject the notion that there is a "climate emergency" or that the gas we exhale is harmful to the planet. CO2 is plant food; we are "polluting" our way into more productive agriculture. The evidence that carbon dioxide functions as some kind of "greenhouse gas" in any significant manner despite making up such a miniscule fraction of our atmosphere seems to be a particularly meritless claim. New models from Ned Nikolov, built around measurements from planetary expeditions, do not suggest greenhouse effect.

I reject the notion that SARS-CoV-2 (hereinafter referred to as the Holocough) is unusually deadly. Infection fatality rates, per John Ioannidis, place the Holocough on a scale of fatality with malaria. The Holocough is not particularly deadly without pre-existing conditions. A French study demonstrated that the case fatality rate for the Holocough was roughly on the level of other documented coronaviruses.

I reject the notion that mask mandates improve Holocough outcomes. The randomized controlled testing studies done on masks show mostly no positive impact and at best show little, and they are poor studies in general at that. There is scarcely even evidence that surgical masks improve surgical outcomes! Worst of all, analysis of timelines and mask mandates suggest that they make such a little impact on overall outcomes that they should not be recommended. The negative impacts of mask wearing, especially for extended periods of time, far outweigh whatever scarce benefit might be obtained. The worst impacts of the mask trend are psychological. People think that masks help, so the placebo effect inures them to the contrary. The wearer gets a sense of "helping" from it that, as far as the rigorous study is concerned, does not appear to help.

I reject the notion that the media reports the truth. The media is an egregious liar, whether mainstream or academic. I have personally been lied about by an academic publication for my anonymous contributions to #GamerGate. Most people do not understand the scale or the gravity of the distortions of the truth made by the largest media corporations and their massive bankrolls. The central theme of this website is proclaiming the actual truth in a world ablaze with lies and iniquity. Without exception, every large media name is sold out to a varying extent. Highlights for verity in reporting include Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, but both have crucial blind spots in their reporting that are best explained by monetary compromise.

I am Sabbatarian. Practically, what this means is that I don't usually do things on Saturday. My beliefs generally map very closely to the broader teachings of the various children of Herbert Armstrong. He was wrong about a lot and that hasn't changed, but he was also right about a lot. I feel similarly about him as about Ellen White. With some tension, this exists parallel to my respect for Gary North and his Biblical economic teachings, which are of Reformed and Christian Reconstructionist. Akin to most of the implementations of the Church of God, I am attempting to give full documentation of the beliefs that I hold. I was baptized in North Peace Fellowship Baptist Church by Bill Evans, a beloved pastor whose Christlikeness I admire deeply. Despite being Sabbatarian, I currently attend church on Sundays.

I respect the Septuagint. I accept that it has issues, but even the King James Bible has its issues. I wrote a bit on the King James bible here at the end. The Septuagint is remarkable in that it provides a bridge between ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek.