An Inauspicious Return

It's been a long time since I actually had the inclination to maintain an online presence. While part of this may be ascribed to the five years I spent maintaining web property as a career, there is so much more to the tale than that. I intend to chronicle these events. This intention has existed for years now but was never backed by the spark that is so central to my creative endeavours. That spark is conceptually key. More than anything else, manifesting and harnessing that spark have been crucial apprehensions within that chronicle.

I am past the point in my life where something as intangible as "a spark" could or should have a tangible effect on my life. I continue to be--perhaps moreso now than ever--a man of values. As has been perennial since my youth, my core value is that of love. Precision, nuance, and scholarship are also values of mine, which clearly delineates that I must qualify that core value of love. To be precise, by "love", I mean "God-love", the love that Christ Jesus spoke of and was rendered as "agape" in Koine Greek.

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intention, and indeed, intention alone is meaningless. Intention must derive from values or actions will not match words. The English term that describes the state where actions do not match words is "hypocrisy". Oddly, the narrative must convolute here.

The master of God-love whose teachings I religiously devote myself to is Jesus the Nazarene, called by many "Christ". As an historical teacher of wisdom, few compare to Jesus', and none exceed. Teachers who are comparable would include Buddha, Confucius, and perhaps Socrates and Plato. I really like Buddha: he almost hit the mark with his teaching, but he was a bourgeouis ruler, not a humble proletarian as Christ. I see many lessons of Confucius that I wish the West was more in line with, such as that of filial piety, which strongly reflects some of my more traditional beliefs. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the rest of hte Greek philosophers defined the context of the West's ascendance to dominance.

You're reading a really early draft.