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Great Teachers

I adhere, broadly speaking, to a "great person" view of the world. The works of men are not just unequal, but dramatically and irrevokably unequal. There is a philosophy article to be written on the topic, but in short, to access the upper echelons of thought, there is no functioning mechanic but to become familiar with its gatekeepers. I seek a basis for thought that is maximally-consistent, as broad as possible without including inconsistency. Naturally, this is impossible, but I try.

Obligatory Love For My Saviour

The greatest teacher the world has ever seen was Jesus Christ. Most of the teachers listed here agree with that claim. Proverbs 9:10 claims that The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. I am attempting to coalesce my thoughts on the matter into coherent articles but this is a work in progress. You can skip my glacial intermediation into topics and articles by browsing works of people listed here.

Gary North

Dr. Gary North is perhaps the most prolific Christian author of the 20th century. If Jesus is the rock on which my faith is founded, North is a rock on that rock that is also part of that foundation. He makes almost all of his work freely available online. In my adulthood, I came to understand how formative his views were on my upbringing, through my father and my father's friend Bill Baerg. North's heritage is also well-traceable through Rousas Rushdoony and others.

Carl Hewitt

Frankly, I am unsure of Dr. Carl Hewitt's stance on Christ Jesus. He will be the only man honoured here who I can say that about. He is here because he has tapped into something that the Holy Spirit tells me is crucial. He constructed first an alternative to first Russell's first-order logic and then later in a distinct formulation an alternative to ZFC. In these systems, Godel's second incompleteness theorem cannot be proven. There are additional properties to his creations. All of this derives from his work on inconsistency robustness, which developed mechanics for reasoning about inconsistent data. It turns out that when you develop a framework for excluding axioms of contradition from mathematical reasoning, the work required to do this involves formalization at a level that obsoletes first-order logic. The ZFC paper, titled "Theory Ordinals Can Replace ZFC in Computer Science", uses a strong type theory to block all known mathematical paradoxes. This work has the potential to change the world!

Future work will involve Hewitt's research, but my current focus is on Biblical apologetics. The Lord is coming soon!

Lesser Teachers

I'm not fond of using the term "lesser" here but it is the plainest one I can find with the meaning. Drs. North and Hewitt, combined through the work of the Holy Spirit and the salvation of Jesus Christ in me to form a foundational basis of rationality and truth that I never thought was possible as a youth.

Those the folks below are "lesser", they are still great enough for me to point you at. Given how desperately dangerous teaching is, that ought to give you a kind of intuitive estimate on their values to me.

Jeff Benner

Jeff Benner is a prolific author whose work on "Teaching proper Biblical interpretation through the study of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language, culture and philosophy." He has published a partial translation of the Hebrew Old Testament that he calls the "Mechanical Translation" which has the interesting property that most Hebrew words are translated to one specific English word, rather than the several contextual options done in most. It is a wonderful study aid for anyone interested in the original Hebrew!

Bob Thiel

Dr. Bob Thiel's approach on cogwriter.com is one of my primary inspirations for the structure of this site. Dr. Thiel is what I'd consider the intellectual head of the Continuing Church of God. He is a man of extensive research who has a great respect for the Bible and follows this passion to some very heterodox ends, such as binitarianism. I do not agree with him on this particular point, and I have a few points of contention within his broader teachings, but Thiel is lucid, consistent, and exhaustive.

Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day

By far the most contentious and controversial figure listed here, Vox is also the closest to me. He followed me in the #GamerGate days up until the day Twitter booted him off the platform. Like most listed here, Vox is a prolific author. He presently writes the blog listed above. He used to write at WorldNetDaily.

Del Washburn

Del Washburn is, with Jerry Lucas, one of the authors of "Theomatics", which is a particular framing of gematria. Del's biblical research led him to publish a sister site with evangelical focus titled "Angelfall.com", which works downstream from his concepts of Theomatics. I intend to study this more intimately; I had a few concerns about a few particulars, but I do expect there to be patterns of this sort in the Bible. The word pictures painted of God and Jesus by Del are ones I value.