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GamerGate was a so-called "consumer revolt" regarding shady practices in "video game journalism". I was involved, and am mentioned by pseudonym in a book entitled "Online Harassment that performed some network analyses of people involved. As GamerGate involved criticizing the media, the corporate media responded in full force. Because of Wikipedia's "reliable sources" policy, corporate media has disproportionate advantage over Wikipedia content. Instead of writing anything myself, this page is intended to direct you to places where you might learn the truth about GamerGate. By contrasting the Wikipedia account with these, you can come to an understanding of how the corporate media gaslights us.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

The "truest" account of GamerGate is found at Encyclopedia Dramatica. I put "truest" in quotation marks because Encyclopedia Dramatica is known for its over-the-top misanthropic hyperbole. GamerGate, however, involves literal over-the-top misanthropic events that can easily be mistaken for hyperbole. Thus, the tone of GamerGate matches the literary slant of the Encyclopedia Dramatica community. The consequence of this is that the Encyclopedia Dramatica gives a phenomenologically-accurate account that captures the shocking behaviour—the spirit—of the characters involved. I haven't linked it yet because there is a great big content warning to add. The language used is coarse and the topics scandalous. You may read more here (archive). (Get a hold of me if this link breaks. ED is not known for having stable ownership regimes these days.)

Lolcow Wiki

The Lolcow Wiki (now defunct) has an excellent GamerGate article written from a compellingly-neutral epistemology. The Lolcow Wiki community comes from Kiwi Farms. As a community, they're interested in things that they can demonstrate evidence for. They enjoy laughing at people who do dumb or silly things. It's not as funny when something is fake or phony. Their GamerGate article documents the larger-than-life egos on both sides of GamerGate. Matching the reality, the worst people were in the side opposing GamerGate, and the article reflects this imbalance. Therefore, it appears non-neutral, but it is nonetheless written with a fundamentally epistemologically-neutral point-of-view that doesn't discriminate with respect to political affiliation.

Acid Man's GG Wiki

Acid Man's GamerGate wiki is hosted on BoneGolem's deepfreeze ethics site, which documents ethical issues people raised in GamerGate and since. The Wiki provides a great set of data. If there is a source written by GamerGate for GamerGate, this is one of the foremost candidates.


Infogalactic's GamerGate article is recommendable. Its biases match mine. It is not as exhaustive as any of the others here.

Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme has a decent article on GamerGate. It's not that good. The KYM community is influenced by the Wikipedia gaslighting too much. If you're looking for something that I'd consider practically neutral, this would be it. This article is functionally neutral due to the intentional inclusion of the gaslighting written by corporate media.

On Neutrality

An on-going conflict between pro-GamerGate and anti-GamerGate involved the role of neutrality. Pro-GamerGate believed in encouraging neutrality. Anti-GamerGate actively invalidated neutrality. Their perspective was effectively "if you're not with us, you're against us". Incidentally, I agree with them on this point, as does Gary North. There is no neutrality. Neutrality is a myth and a strategic blunder that only gives your opponent an advantage.