I Kind Of Do Things Sometimes

I Read

This needs to be properly sectioned off but for now here are some links.

I Write

Nothing here is more than a quick sketch yet but here are some words.

I Make "Art"

List some of the palette manips I've done.

My hosting company, bed.ac, has a different manip of the same base image every time you refresh. Check it out.


I love music and DJing allows me to arrange and contextualize great pieces by others.

Here's a random set of mine from March 2, 2012.It's clashy and terrible in places and technically sublime in others. I worked on this set of website updates to it. Many flavours of funk, some nice drum-and-bass hybridization, a Britney breakcore mashup, out of nowhere some surprise Nirvana, zero adherence to any internal principle except playing good music together. A couple instances of mature language that I'd rather it didn't have, but I enjoyed it anyhow.

I code

I don't release much because nothing I design is ever easy enough for anyone to use but me.

Well, okay, HTML and CSS and stuff is technically code, so check out View Source and you'll see that this looks very different from most web sites.

I do a bunch more

Wanna pay me to do it for you?

Talk to me

My phone number is the sets of digits at the start of the next 3 paragraphs. Text and voice welcome, but sometimes you might need some persistence.

250 -- The first part of my e-mail address is "root". Then you add that Shift-2 symbol, "@". Then my old DJ name, "baryon". Then the TLD of Italy, ".it".

981 -- Incomplete substrings of my email address include: baryon.it, ot@baryon, root@bary.

8221 -- On my Debian system, I can retrieve my email address with the following command:

curl benjamincook.ca 2> /dev/null | grep 'r'oot | cut -d\" -f 2,4,6,8 | tr -d \"

Sorry about the indirection, but leaving your contact info unobfuscated on the internet is a Bad Time(tm)

If I ever move this beyond a static site in the future, I'll add some comment field.

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